Benefits to an at-home veterinary appointment

There are many beneficial aspects to an at-home veterinary appointment that we are proud to offer for your beloved pet. Since we come to you, there is no long car ride or overwhelming hospital environment to cause your pet undue stress; instead, we can work in their own comfortable environment of your home, or just outside your door in our specially equipped mobile-unit, where they will receive individualized attention and care with no other animals around.

For your appointment, our veterinarian and assistant will drive to your residence at the planned appointment time. We can then provide full attention to your pet as the veterinarian performs a thorough examination, listening to the heart and lungs, and assessing for any observable health changes or problems. We can discuss any findings or concerns, and address them as needed with diagnostics available in our mobile unit. Our mobile service can provide important preventative care, such as vaccinations, bloodwork, and nail trims, without your pet ever having to travel. Any health concerns for which we would recommend further diagnostics or treatment options, we are happy to discuss options and refer you to a nearby full-care facility when needed.